SmallRig 15mm Carbon Fiber Rod 100mm 4 Inch 1871

SmallRig 15mm Carbon Fiber Rod 100mm 4 Inch MFR# 1871

  • Pair of 15mm Rods
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Corrosion resistant


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This 15mm Carbon Fiber Rod Set from SmallRig lets you attach 15mm rod-mounted accessories to your rig.

These carbon fiber rods are 4″ in length and, with the appropriate baseplate, will conform to the 15mm LWS rod standard for accessory mounting.

The carbon fiber construction keeps these rods lightweight, while allowing them to maintain the rigidity necessary for accessory support.

Additional information

Weight 0.030 kg
Dimensions 11.70 × 3.81 × 2.3 cm


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