Nikon Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0x at a glance

  • Z-Mount Teleconverter
  • 2x Magnification Factor
  • One Aspherical Element
  • Super Integrated and Fluorine Coatings


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EGP 40,000

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Double down. Lighten your load.

For those who chase impossible shots—birders, nature and wildlife photographers, aircraft, sports and action photographers—reach is key. But so is speed, nimbleness and being in the right spot.
The Nikon Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0x gives you the best of both worlds, doubling the reach of compatible Z lenses so you can bring shorter, lighter lenses into the field and still get the shot. Optimized for the compact mirrorless Z system, it retains 100% resolution, AF and VR functionality, minimum focusing distances and weather-sealing, all with superb rendering performance.

For the photographer that is constantly seeking out the next adventure, this 2x focal length teleconverter allows you to cover an even wider range of shooting situations with your existing NIKKOR Z lens. Weighing approximately 270g, it extends your reach to photograph those beautiful wildlife and safari moments without feeling held back or needing additional lenses.

Achieve both quality and quantity with a super-telephoto range that maintains the superior optical performance of the NIKKOR Z lens to produce remarkable images. Come rain or shine, the superior dust- and drip-resistance1 and fluorine coat application on the Nikon  Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0x will give you a sense of security so you can focus on shooting spectacular super-telephoto scenes. Thorough dust and drip resistance is not guaranteed in all situations or under all conditions.


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