Mamen Q1-L4 Triple Head Cold Shoe Mount

Triple Head Cold Shoe Mount at a glance

  • Cold Shoe Mounting Standard
  • 1/4″ Thread on 4 Sides
  • Provides Three Cold Shoe Mounts
  • Allows the use of multiple accessories
  • Made of Aluminum Alloy


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This Mamen Q1-L4 Triple Head Cold Shoe Mount gives you the ability to mount up to three accessories simultaneously on your equipment; such as Field Monitor, Microphones, Flash Light, Led Illuminators, Video Light, among others. It is a Universal accessory, the Triple Head Cold Shoe Connector on the bottom can be used for all standard Shoe Cameras, on the front of all sides it has a standard 1/4″ thread, and its upper part has a 3/8″thread. To extend to other accessories like Magic Arms being very practical to make your photo taking, audio and video recording more professional. Made of high quality Aluminum Alloy, it is small, light and easy to carry.

Mamen Q1-L4 Triple Head Cold Shoe Mount Mamen Q1-L4 Triple Head Cold Shoe Mount


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