Godox TX1 Wireless UHF Bodypack Transmitter

Godox TX1 Wireless UHF Bodypack Transmitter at a glance

  • For WMicS1 Wireless Systems
  • Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone
  • 10/40mW Switchable Transmission Power
  • AA Batteries + USB Power


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The Godox TX1 Wireless UHF Bodypack Transmitter is compatible with the WMicS1 wireless receiver. Featuring a lightweight design, it is comfortable for performers and presenters to wear, while providing reliable transmission at a range up to 60 meters line-of-sight.

The TX1 comes with an omnidirectional lavalier microphone. The microphone offers a 360° sound pickup pattern, which is forgiving to your subject’s head movements.
The transmitter features a locking 3.5mm mic input designed to prevent accidental disconnection. It is equipped with an On/Off switch that doubles as a mute button. An easy-to-read OLED display indicates the mic’s input level, muting, and battery life.

The Godox TX1 offers two levels of RF transmission power: 40mW to improve signal quality when working at greater distances or 10mW for maximum battery life when working at close range. The unit operates on two AA batteries but can also be powered via USB.


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