Godox SA-K6 Speedlite Accessories Kit

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Godox SA-K6 Speedlite Accessories Kit at a glance

  • Speedlight Softbox
    SB1520 (15x20cm)
    Soft and even light, more natural result
  • Snoot
    SN3030 (31×26.8cm)
    Spot light, shaping light for creative shooting
  • Honey Comb
    HC-01 (86x54x12mm)
    Precise and direct light
  • Mini Reflector
    MRF-01 (17x14cm)
    White diffused/silver bounced light
  • Color Filters
    CF-07 (39x80mm)
    Color correction and special effects
  • Speedlight Holder
    E Holder
    Speedlite/umbrella bracket


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The Godox SA-K6 Speedlite Accessories Kit is used to achieve different light effects with your speedlite. With this kit the flash gun  maximal use of and the lightweight and compact size features make it easy to bring it everywhere when you are traveling.


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