Godox Parabolic Umbrella 105cm

Godox Parabolic Umbrella 105cm

  • Selection: silver, white or white transparent material
  • Bounce or Shoot Through
  • Softens and Diffuses Spread of Light
  • Enhances Ambient Lighting

Available Light Modifiers | Godox website

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EGP 1,150EGP 2,000


The Godox Parabolic Umbrella 105cm is a big step forward towards the ultimate goal of light shaping, highly versatile and extremely portable, parabolic umbrellas generate an endless source of artistic expression. Different from regular umbrellas, parabolic umbrellas enable better direct control over contrast, R saturation and shadow-edge gradation of the subjects.

Ideal for glamor, portraits or fashion photography, parabolic umbrellas can easily change the character of light by repositioning the light on the rod; choosing between different linings and sizes; attaching diffusers


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