Godox CL10 LED Webcasting Ambient Light

Godox CL10 LED Webcasting Ambient Light overview

  • RGB: Hue, Saturation, Intensity Control
  • IR Remote Control, Smartphone App
  • Built-In Battery, 39 Special Effects
  • 36,000 Selectable Colors, 7.6″ Diameter
  • Removable Desktop Base


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THe Godox CL10 LED Webcasting Ambient Light boasts portability, power options, and outstanding color control.
The 19.2cm diameter light is an RGB light source with Hue, Saturation, and Intensity control, giving shooters access to 36,000 custom colors to personalize their livestreaming sessions.
The Godox CL10 LED Webcasting Ambient Light also has 39 built-in effects including RGB Cycle, Flash, Laser, Broken Bulb, TV, Candle, Fire, Fireworks, Police Car, Fire Truck, Ambulance, Music, and SOS.
While you can make these selections locally on the fixture you can also make them wirelessly with the included IR remote or with your smartphone via a free app.
Another CL10 bonus is portability, and since it’s USB-powered it can be charged from your laptop, computer, or from an AC socket via the included adapter.

Additional information

Weight 0.270 kg
Dimensions 19.2 × 19.2 × 6.5 cm


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