CAME-TV Kuminik8 Single-Dual-Ear Headset Kits

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CAME-TV Kuminik8 Single-Dual Ear Headset Kits at a glance

  • Preset Frequencies for Use in EU
  • True Wireless Headset, No Bodypack
  • Comfortable Padded Ear Cushions
  • 1500′ 2-Way Operating Range
  • DECT Technology for Stability & Security
  • Battery Life: 10-Hr Master, 13-Hr Remote
  • Instant Pairing, Easy to Use
  • Includes Batteries & Charger
  • Rated IP63 for Dust and Water Resistance
  • Expandable to 15 Headsets

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The CAME-TV Kuminik8 Single Dual-Ear Headsets is a full-duplex wireless DECT intercom system engineered to provide clear communication in a water- and dust-resistant, true-wireless design that’s comfortable to wear without the need for a bodypack or hub. This configuration includes single-ear headset and dual-ear headset.

The CAME-TV Kuminik8 Single Dual-Ear Headset Kits includes rechargeable batteries, a charger, and a case for transport and storage. The system uses DECT technology to ensure secure and reliable transmission at a range of up to 450 meters  making it well suited for a variety of applications including film and video work and event productions for businesses, schools, and houses of worship.

CAME-TV Kuminik8 Single Dual-Ear Headset Kits include Master & Remote Headset for 2-Way Communication

  • This configuration includes single-ear headset and dual-ear headset.
  • A single-ear headset is the master in every configuration.
  • With no beltpack or base station to worry about, the Kuminik8 system offers production and event teams a highly portable and hands-free coordinating experience at a distance of up to 450 meters.
  • The system operates in the 1.78 to 1.93 GHz range.
  • The headsets pair up automatically, making the system easy to operate.
  • Large padded ear cushions make the headsets comfortable to wear.
  • The metal frame inside the headband makes it stronger, more durable, and also more flexible.
  • Rotating the boom arm up or down conveniently mutes the mic when not in use.
  • Adjust the volume with easy, intuitive controls.
  • Each headset runs on a single NB-6L rechargeable battery.
  • The master headset will run for 10 hours, and each remote headset will operate for 13 hours on a single charge.
  • Batteries, a charger, a USB cable, and a carrying case are included.
  • The CAME-TV Kuminik8 Single Dual-Ear Headsets are rated IP63 for dust and water resistance.
  • Up to 4 headsets can be used at the same time without the need for a hub.
  • Expand the system with additional hubs and headsets (available separately) to accommodate up to 15 users.

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