CAME-TV Bi-Color LED Panel 72W 1092B

CAME-TV Bi-Color LED Panel 72W at a glance

  • 1x 1092B Bi-Color LED Light
  • Color Temperature: 3200 to 5600K
  • 22.8 x 11.4 x 2.17″
  • CRI: 96 @ 4318K
  • Dimming: 10-100%
  • 1x V-Mount Battery Plate
  • 4-Pin XLR Power Input
  • Yoke Mount with 5/8″ Receiver
  • Multi-Voltage AC Adapter
  • Carry Case

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    The CAME-TV Bi-Color LED Panel 72W  1092B  is a great core lighting kit in the studio or on the road. The kit includes 1 LED 1092B Bi-Color dimmable light, a multi-voltage AC adapter, V-Mount, yoke with stand mount and a removable diffusion filter. A padded carrying case completes the kit.

    Featuring an array of 1092 LEDs, the fixture provides a bright, soft light well-suited to video production.
    This model offers a high CRI for accurate color reproduction along with CCT that’s variable from 3200 to 5600K or anywhere in between. Instead of accumulating downtime while you tape gels to the light, you can balance the output with ambient lighting conditions or other fixtures for the shortest distance between setup and capture.

    Flexibility is also extended to light intensity. The 1092B Bi-Color’s wide beam ensures an even spread of illumination across your scene that can be dimmed from 10-100%. Adjustments are clearly displayed on the back panel digital LCD screen.

    The CAME-TV Bi-Color LED Panel 72W 1092B Bi-Color comes with a yoke with 5/8″ receiver for mounting on a light stand.

    • Flicker-free
    • 10%-100% Dimmable
    • Runs on included AC adapter or optional battery
    • High brightness, low heat, low power consumption

    Additional information

    Weight 4.6 kg
    Dimensions 62.23 × 35.56 × 8.89 cm


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