CAME-TV 10 KG Video Tripod with Fluid Bowl Head & Spreader

CAME-TV 10 KG Video Tripod With Fluid Bowl Head And Spreader

  • 75mm Bowl/Base
  • 10 Kg / 22 lb Weight Capacity
  • Telescopic Aluminum Twin Tubes
  • One Locking Lever per Leg
  • Ground Spreader
  • Carry Bag Included


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The CAME-TV 10 KG Video Tripod – Aluminum Fiber with Fluid Head, Ground Spreader, and Bag is a lightweight tripod system designed for use with camcorders, DSLR cameras, and rigs weighing up to 10 KG. The system includes a fluid head with 75mm ball for leveling, a pan handle with mounting rosette, aluminum legs, a ground spreader, and a padded carry bag.
The CAME-TV 10 KG Video Tripod’s head has independent pan and tilt locks and a built-in bubble level. Rosettes on either side of the head allow you to attach the included pan handle for left- or right-hand operating. The camera plate slides forward and back to assist with balancing your camera on the head, and a safety catch helps prevent the plate and your camera from accidentally sliding out of the head.

The CAME-TV 10 KG Video Tripod has  2-stage, 3-section aluminum legs feature a 75mm bowl for quick leveling, with a single easy-to-grab lever locks that release or secure the leg height on each leg, this allows you to adjust the height of your tripod from a minimum of 42.4cm to a maximum of 170cm without needing to bend down to adjust the bottom leg lock.

The included ground spreader secures the legs to prevent them from flying apart. It has an adjustable arm length and, when collapsed, folds up inside the legs making for a neat package that fits into the included carry bag.

CAME-TV 10 KG Video Tripod Features

  • Each leg features a single spike
  • The ground spreader features rubber stirrups that hold the spiked feet securely
  • The pan handle incorporates a rosette for orienting it to the needed position for your shot
  • Rosettes on both sides of the head allow you to position the pan handle where you need it


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