CAME-TV Honeycomb Grid for Boltzen Perseus 150W LED Light GRID-P150

CAME-TV Honeycomb Grid for Boltzen Perseus 150W LED at a glance

  • Magnetic Corners for Easy Attachment
  • Tightens Beam Angle
  • Helps Control Spill Light


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This Came-TV Honeycomb Grid For Boltzen Perseus 150W is an accessory designed specifically for the 150W Boltzen Perseus LED panel.

It goes over the front of the fixture to tighten the beam angle, giving you better control over the direction of your light and helping prevent unwanted flares in the background.

Magnets on each corner of the grid allow you to easily attach it or remove it from the light, making your life easier during setup and tear down.

Additional information

Weight .680 kg
Dimensions 57.15 × 32.26 × 2.03 cm


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