Illuminate Your Product Photography Career

By: Ezz Elden Mansour

December 9, 2023

Ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the world of product photography?

In this talk, discover how to kick start your product photography career. Unveil the essential gear and lighting equipment required for the shot
Witness, step by step live demo, on shooting your product a white background or adding life to it through styling. This isn’t just a talk; it’s a hands-on experience that’ll push your knowledge the way you perceive product photography!

Topic Points

  • Introduction to Product Photography
  • How to start in product photography and get your first client
  • Importance of Lighting in Product Photography
  • Composition Techniques for Capturing Products
  • Live Demo

Ezz El-Din Mansour, a product photographer and founder of EZ Creative Studio, Mastered the art of photography since 2013. With a passion for capturing unique visuals and mentoring other photographers, a photography lighting educator since 2014 and a key instructor at the “Cairo Photo Club” since 2019. One of his standout achievements includes being the winner of the ‘Out of the Box Youth for Out of the Box Egypt’ in 2015, and his work being published in famous magazines like ‘Zahrat Al Khaleej’ and ‘Al-Yaqza.’

Time and Location


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Closed - December 9, 2023

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