Digital Video Production

By: Abanob Emad

February 4, 2023

Abanob Emad Lecture

In the era of social media, the form of content has changed and the method of its production has changed, and also photography is no longer the same as before, as the standards were not controlled only by the power of the image and the camera, but rather the forms of publishing on the platforms. How can you balance between the professional shot and what attracts the audience on the platforms. 

Discussion Topics:

  • How has the form of production changed for the social media audience?
  • Content vs Image? which one attracts the audience more?
  • Camera angles and shot size preferences for the phone audience
  • Editing via phone applications
  • Nikon Z9 Camera experience

An acclaimed multimedia journalist for Sky News Arabia. Director & Producer of the international “Telly Awards” winner “Naja7ahonna” (Women’s Success) program. He is the host presenter of “TechTalk” program on Sky News Arabia digital platforms.

Time and Location


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Closed - February 4, 2023

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