Breaking the Rules for Creative Pictures

By: Yasser Alaa Mobarak

September 2, 2023

In photography, there are many “rules” that are taught to beginners. These rules can help you take good photos, but they can also be limiting. If you want to create truly creative photos, you need to be willing to break the rules.

Topic Points

  •  Importance of Research in Shooting Creative Pictures 
  • Different ways to Isolate your Center of Interest
  • Using Composition Rules VS Breaking the Rules
  • Complex VS Complicated Composition
  • Dynamic VS Static Composition
  • Single VS Series
  • Avoiding Mergers VS Using Mergers
  • Importance of Patience, Timing and  Experimentation
  • How to Shoot Different Pictures for the Same subject

Yasser Alaa Mobarak (b. 1993) is an award-winning photographer from Alexandria, Egypt. He has won more than 100 photography prizes from Travel Photographer of the Year, National Geographic, Sony World Photography Awards, The International Photo Awards, Vienna Photo Award, Egypt Press Photo, International Federation of Photographic Art, Photographic Society of America and Paris Photo Awards.

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Closed - September 2, 2023

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