SmallRig DJI Action2 Magnetic Case {White/Grey} 3626 3627

SmallRig DJI Action2 Magnetic Case MFR# 3626 3627

  • Anti-scratch: protects metal shell that is vulnerable to scratches.
  • Anti-drop: reduces damage resulting from accidental drops.
  • Anti-slip: frosted surface increases friction and adsorption.
  • Insulation: insulates hands against camera overheating because of high-definition video shooting.
  • Formfitting: maintains access to DJI receiver and indicators and allows accessory attachment.
  • Retains magnetic properties: highly compatible with all official DJI accessories via magnets.
  • Suits multiple scenes: supports lanyard and securely attaches to walls.


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EGP 1,350


SmallRig DJI Action2 Magnetic Case is designed to protect DJI Action2 from scratches. With a modular design, the case, made of PC and TPE, provides strong protection and features magnets to ensure a seamless connection between the lens module and the screen module.

It is compatible with all official DJI Action2 accessories, supports multi-scene shooting and includes a net carrying bag for easy storage of camera and accessories.

1. Please separate the two modules and put case on separately.
2. Connect the two modules via the magnet interface.
3. Ensure secure connection and press the on button for photographing or recording.
4. Please read the user manual before attaching and removing the case;
5. Please do not use the case in seawater as it is not acid and corrosion resistant.

DJI Action2

Package Includes:
1 x Lens Module Shell
1 x Screen Module Shell
1 x User Manual
1 x Net Carrying Bag

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 11.0 × 6.0 × 3.5 cm




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