Saramonic VWS Windshield and Suspension System

Saramonic VWS Windshield and Suspension System at a glance

  • High-wind protection for using shotgun microphones outdoors
  • Eliminates Vibration and handling noise
  • Furry windshield included
  • Could use indoors and outdoors as shock mount
  • Fits most microphones(Length≤380mm, φ≈19~23mm)
  • Ultra-lightweight design and anti-skidding handle
  • Includes 1/4’’ tripod thread adapter
  • Internal Coiled XLR cable
  • Includes carrying pouch


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Professional Windshield and Suspension System for Shotgun Microphones

The Saramonic VWS Windshield and Suspension System is a blimp windshield and shock mount suspension system. It is designed to protect your shotgun microphone from wind noise, and isolate your recording from shock and vibration.
Achieve effective wind protection and minimization of handling noise for your shotgun or pencil microphone with the Saramonic VWS Windshield and Suspension System. This ultra-lightweight blimp enables clean audio capture in extreme weather conditions thanks to its vibration-reducing internal shockmount and acoustically transparent furry windscreen.

Compatible with shotgun and pencil mics up to 14.9″ in length, and from 0.75 to 0.91″ in diameter. The integrated coiled XLR cable saves setup time and prevents cable strain at the microphone. The VWS features a pistol-grip handle for convenient handheld use, and easily mounts onto a boompole or stand. With its reconstructible design, the VWS can be quickly disassembled for efficient storage and transport in the supplied carrying pouch.

Enables clean audio capture in extreme weather conditions; provides a premium shockmount system for both indoor and outdoor use, Ideal blimp solution for Saramonic TM1, TM7, and NV5 shotgun microphones, or for other shotgun/pencil mics up to 14.9″ in length and from 0.75 to 0.91″ in diameter.

  • Ultra-lightweight components won’t weigh you down when you’re working or moving gear
  • 3/8″-16 thread at handle’s base allows attachment to a boompole
  • Includes 1/4″-20 thread adapter for affixing the VMS to a stand
  • Pistol-grip handle for convenient handheld use
  • Integrated coiled XLR cable for simple hookup and seamless routing
  • Microphone angle is easily adjustable for optimal positioning
  • Flexible shockmount system with three movable sections, each with four shockmount bands
  • Acoustically transparent furry windscreen serves as the external layer and may be removed for use in milder environments
  • Customizable and simple to break down—removable front and rear domes, and an integrated slide rail that grants detachment of the main blimp housing
  • Simplified storage and transport via supplied carrying pouch

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