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Godox Softbox for LD150R LED Panel

Godox Softbox for LD150R LED Panel

  • For LD150RS LED Panel
  • Measures 53.0 x 85.0cm
  • Minimizes Hot Spots
  • Softens and Diffuses Light
  • Manages Contrast


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The Godox LD-SG150R softbox is designed for the LD150R LED Panel, this Softbox measures 53.0 x 85.0cm and is designed to minimize hot spots. It manages contrast and renders a soft and flattering quality of light. It is a good choice for when you are shooting portraiture and interviews.

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Weight 0.980 kg
Dimensions 62.25 × 38.0 × 7.0 cm
EAN: 6952344222171


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