CAME-TV GS11 Camera Stabilizer Arm with Suction Mount {1-10 KG}

Camera Stabilizer Arm with Suction Mount at a glance

  • Shock-Absorbing Arm with Cradle Head
  • Carbon Fiber Suction Cup Mounting Kit
  • For Smooth-Footage Small Camera Gimbals
  • Mounts Midsize Rig in Inverted Mode


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EGP 80,000

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Create smooth-motion shots with the heavy-duty GS11 Camera Stabilizer Arm with Suction Mount Kit from CAME-TV.
The kit includes a stabilizer arm and a carbon fiber suction cup mounting kit. The arm utilizes hydraulic cylinders for smooth movement, and its solid shock-absorbing construction is designed to carry payloads from 2 up to 22 lb. It is designed to mount on top of your gimbal or camera rig in an inverted orientation.

The arm connects to a 32 to 36mm diameter rod or pipe with a locking clamp, and adjustments are made via knobs at multiple points along the arm’s joints to balance up and down movement.

The shock-absorbing head provides additional shock absorption and offers a cheese plate with multiple mounting threads to mount a variety of camera or gimbal mounts such as the DJI Ronin 2/S/S2/SC 2, Zhiyun WEEBILL/CRANE, Feiyu, or MōVI.

The included suction mounting kit allows you to mount the stabilizer arm on a car, so you can achieve smooth moving shots. The GS11 Camera Stabilizer Arm with Suction Mount Kit includes three heavy-duty suction cups, 32mm carbon fiber rods, and adjustable joints to mount the camera on a variety of car sizes.

  • The arm’s mounting clamp then mounts onto the end of the 32mm carbon fiber rod on the end of the suction mount assembly.
  • Attach your gimbal to a vest, car, boat, or moving vehicle for a smooth, stable shot
  • Suction cup mounting kit included with 32mm carbon fiber rods and joints to mount onto a car or vehicle for moving shots
  • The GS11 Camera Stabilizer Arm with Suction Mount Kit is designed for inverted gimbal mounting
  • Features a hydraulic damping support system and shock-absorbing springs
  • Clamps onto a 32 to 36mm diameter rod or pipe
  • Multiple damping adjustment knobs to fine-tune balance
  • Shock-absorbing head features hydraulic damping; a cheese head with mounting threads is on the end to mount various gimbal or camera mounts
  • Suitable for DJI Ronin S/SC/RSC 2/RS 2/M/MX, Moza, Feiyu, ZHIYUN WEEBILLL and CRANE series, and other similar-sized gimbals

Additional information

Dimensions 43 × 17 × 14 cm


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